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...Why do I have so much gold all of the sudden? Do I want to know what I've been doing the past few days?

There was a virus wasn't there? First time I've actually been struck by one and it's proven useful oddly enough. Still I'm vaguely fearful of what I did to get all of this.
...I've sunk to a new low. I'm selling pieces of my body for money. Has Rojave and Alleoon really forced me into this? Selling myself to avoid being murdered? Being hung has more honor than being bartered off for money, but I cannot leave father, he needs me. The old flea bag. I am all he has. He is all I have.

We will leave the legion, we will find some sense of life. I can only hope I do not get caught before I can accumulate what gold I need.

((What if virus is in affect, Benny will not know anyone who responds and doesn't know people can read this. So surprise on your sides.))
I- I...

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I think I will kill whoever made this. Kill them horribly. I hope they do not mind missing their spleen. I'm not shy about pulling it out, healing them and pulling it out again at tedium. I had almost forgotten how insane fanart could be, I didn't expect this Richard? Elf I could get if I were drunk, but Richard? Aughhh.

((Original fanart found here: http://iloverichard.deviantart.com/art/Ah-dang-it-Cale-93354630))

Finally going home...

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((And the ref for this weird dream: http://www.lfgcomic.com/page/189 , enjoy wee Benny and her father escaping the dungeon~))

[Accidental voice post]

[*Shaky breathing can be heard as well as tears.*] We're too late... Everyone- they're dead. Nothing but bones and armor. All of them.

Father... [*Voice shakes at that word as she tries to pull it together, not getting far even with the deep breath she takes. She sniffling as she mumbles to herself lowly. The sound of static not making the sound of her voice any clearer*] We- We shouldn't have wasted so much time, now they're all gone.

Old cow... I- I'm sorry.

[*Her com clicks off and the post ends there with the sound of the usually unshakeable Benny crying.*]
Good to almost be home again, seeing familiar territory is vaguely soothing. Though some of the burned out plants and paths is making me a little wary. Hopefully the invading forces haven't pushed too far into my clans town. I doubt it'd end well knowing our kind of luck.

I decided to at least look around the community since I can't sleep, nerves are oddly now getting to me as we get closer. I'm hoping Richards delays haven't left us in a tight spot in this war, we're already out numbered so I don't think we need any help in making this worse.

We'll find out ether tomorrow or the next day. For now I'm going to see if I can sleep. Walking without sleep won't do me much good.

Jun. 14th, 2009

Remind me not to sign up for war again. Even if we ended up with the easier end of the deal, finding back up, I'm still not fond of how long this is taking. True it naturally takes awhile to get from one cost to the next, but usually not this long.

Richard is making this journey last longer than I'd have liked with all these stops. We've got our reinforcements, why pick up celebratory singers when we haven't won or even arrived there yet? It feels like he's stalling. I already don't trust him, so this isn't making nights at camp any more comfortable.

Only good thing to happen during this trip was when I got my boots. Even if they're a little large they made walking easier. I can certainly understand why the elf and Pella wear them now. Hopefully they'll last me awhile before I have to get rid them.

Thanks again hotshot. I owe you a visit sometime~

[Rl - How about some whiskey? -]

She hated to admit, but she- did miss Indy over the month or more. Benny was stubborn enough to invite him over to their campfire in a roundabout way, which probably earned that smirk of his. Thinking of it made her shake her head with a small sound, she picking up her staff and standing fully. Her group thankfully seemed to get the hint to back off, they sitting a little closer to the fire as she left to go retrieve the explorer, hoping he'd avoid being maimed over the course of this little visit.

Well at least they'd get drunk over the course of the visit, that always brightens the mood.

Benny took that thought to heart, changing her appearance when she emerged through the portal on the school ground. The drunk students blinking blearily in surprise when a woman appeared, a few dropping their bottles in surprise. Other just drinking again, deciding it was better not to think about it.

It didn't take long for her to find his room, sparing him a knock before entering the room.

"You ready big guy? Or will you try to attempt to grade those papers?"


Feb. 1st, 2009

I hate collgeim students. Especially of the male variety.

If you somehow make a spell that requires me to wear less then I usually do, there is something wrong with you.

Beh, men.
It's almost nice to be home again. Almost. If not for the whole 'Hey everything's been demolished and half of my tribe has been killed' thing.

For now we're rebuilding the city after the attack of the Sisters along with the elementals and trolls. Heh and here I never would fight other holy women again thanks to our current adventure. I expected more soldiers honestly, maybe another giant, not other holy women.

They did cause us one problem before we had a chance to get rid of all of them. They banished Richard, our powerhouse of a warlock to another plane of existence. I can't summon him back, they're main spell was too powerful for me to compete with, he'll have to figure it out on his own or we'll need to find a mage. Oh the joy that'll be.

Once again proving relaxing moments even if it was running across the legion to the north do not last long.