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Jun. 14th, 2009

Remind me not to sign up for war again. Even if we ended up with the easier end of the deal, finding back up, I'm still not fond of how long this is taking. True it naturally takes awhile to get from one cost to the next, but usually not this long.

Richard is making this journey last longer than I'd have liked with all these stops. We've got our reinforcements, why pick up celebratory singers when we haven't won or even arrived there yet? It feels like he's stalling. I already don't trust him, so this isn't making nights at camp any more comfortable.

Only good thing to happen during this trip was when I got my boots. Even if they're a little large they made walking easier. I can certainly understand why the elf and Pella wear them now. Hopefully they'll last me awhile before I have to get rid them.

Thanks again hotshot. I owe you a visit sometime~