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A priestess, a healer, and mercenary.

Quite the mix if I do say so myself.

Benny Bloodrage
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((Played by sonicsora for DramaDramaduck. If you wish to contact the mun use the AIM name listed below.))

Name[s]: Benny, Ben'joon, Priestess.

Age: Mid Twenties

Species: Unknown/half breed/Female of an unknown pedigree

Gender: Female, look at the boobs. You can't miss them!

Family: Adopted Father, Krunch. Ray'd uncle, bloodrage clan her family members.

Allies: Richard, Tommy Gavin, Meg, Zel, Indiana Jones.

Foes/Annoying people: Azula, Richard, frogs in general.

Fandom: Looking For Group
Powers: Healing minor to serious wounds (Can bring people back to life as well), make shields, shoots beams of energy, snatch arrows out of the arrow with her magic, use element based powers (She's shown to be able to use ice based powers in the comic) her powers are never truly defined outside of her basics so I keep her momentarily unlimited on what she can do.

Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Looking_for_Group#Benn.27Joon