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[Voice Post]

[Mic crackles to life, sound of Benny's uneven breathing becomes evident before she speaks.]

Indy, you, me, drink.


[Instead of sounding confident or demanding like she wanted, all Benny ends up sounding like is drained, voice rasping in places.]

[A sigh can be heard when she figures that out, sounds of her running a hand through her messy hair can be heard as well]

..Please? I need to get away for awhile. [Murmurer this softly, losing whatever edge she had slowly. Tiredness pretty evident compared to what she wanted.]

((Yes this is me moving the plot along, hopefully that's okay Moony, if not I will delete the entry an save it for a later date.))

Well this will be fun....

And once again I get to use this icon. Great. Just great.

We're going to attack a fortress tonight, from the looks of it the legion has bought up several towns in the area an has turned all of them into some kind of massive fortress, barracks, training grounds you name it they have it. We probably won't leave much of a dent, but if we manage to disable them a little we can start to break down some of Legra's handy work.

I doubt this will be an easy task, they out number us more then the trolls we faced last time we had to fight an army. They were easily tricked, but I doubt we can do much of the same while on the legions home field. They have the advantage of having disposable troops while there is only five of us in total. Two who are magic users, a battling bard, a philosopher with a large hammer and our apparent leader.

Again I get to state, we're doomed. Cale's plan better work.

Dec. 15th, 2008

I don't know why the elf thought this was a good idea. By far its one of his stupidest. And that is saying something with his usual love of protecting the innocent an weak.

Taking on the whole legion on our own? Just the five us? Against armies upon armies of trained men? Guh. We're doomed.

If he gets us killed I'm going to maim that blond girly elf. He will bleed from horrible places.
And once again we're on the move, on a ship. I'll probably need to find a large supply of ropes in a few days. Otherwise Cow will panic from the swaying of the ship, he's never been fond of the sea. For a member of a Bloodrage Clan he is far from a ruthless warrior, no matter how many dragons he tackles. At least he won't be pick pocketed this time, finally we can find a ship that isn't run by pirates. Well, at least Richard will not need to help them fall down some stairs.

Our intention is to investigate something Cale has a hunch on, even if he is far from his gloomy depressed state I'm still wary heading back into Legara's realm. I owe the man himself much money, if he finds me I am a dead woman. Or I'll be cast into slavery which ever he finds fit.

Hopefully whatever elf boy's intentions are it will not lead us into any sort of spotlight. We've killed enough of the legion's men to be considered enemies.

For now, I'll go about finding enough rope to tie my father down, hopefully the money we've earned will be plenty to keep a 7'8 bull tied to the deck of a ship.

Dec. 12th, 2008

Well that certainly proved to a good evening, even with the bar fight and odd tasting beer it was pretty nice. The drinks were a little sourer then I expected, but hey its better then some of what I'd had to drink before. A lot cleaner to boot, no random floating fragments.

That and the bar fight was entertaining, I didn't expect professors could actually over turn a few tables or be as irritatingly loud as they were. You usually think collegium professors are astute or quiet, that wasn't the case though. I managed to use a shield at least twice without anyone noticing thanks to the chaos.

All in all, it was a good outing. Even if I had to wear Indy's jacket. Tsh, my shirt isn't that bad.

[RL - How about some grog? - ]

Some days Benny was thankful for her magic, others she wishes she had just been an actual Nun instead of a wandering priestess traveling with a group of insane people. Today was a mix of both, though the thought of drinking improved the darker side of it. Benny 'Hmmm'ing over the illusion she cast over herself, eying the more human skin tone that appeared over her usual green skin and her dirty brown hair. Other then that she remained untouched, green eyes warily looking over the illusion for any flaws, barely there shirt and odd clothes pretty well intact.

She gave a vague shrug, giving a stretch and moving away from the mirror and moving towards the exit of the ladies room of Marshall College where her new drinking buddy worked. Benny had to amusedly wonder how long he would when people figured out she came for him.

She stepped out walking down the hallway easily, ignoring glances, widened eyes and people slamming into things comically, she mentally listing off the cliches as she found Indy's Office, giving a easy knock.

"Hopefully you've finished whatever paper work you might have. Because ether way I'm dragging you out to get drunk." She stated simply through the door opening it without giving the explorer a chance to really reply.

Nov. 28th, 2008

I never thought I would see the day where Richard would save helpless villagers. But I have, I'm almost certain the sky turned green at one point at the fact he's defied everything he's ever been defined as.

Though he proved to be perfectly fine even with both acts of kindness under his belt. Almost killing Cale with a shark proved that nicely enough. Though Cale will probably have scale imprints on himself for a few days.

All in all, it was an odd job. One where Richard proved he has some goodness in his undead heart, the smallest fraction that probably will be covered by once again by the slaughter of innocents.
And the list of 'What is species is she?' has went up by one today. The last few guesses were already moronic in their own special way, but today it has been upped.

Green Panda. That's what he guessed.

Certainly proves 'Awesome X' doesn't know what the hell a Panda looks like. I'd prefer to be an Orc over a panda.

Aug. 31st, 2008

I vaguely wonder how exactly Richard can get drunk when he's been dead for so long. You'd think he'd need a beating heart for the alcohol to affect him and a working blood stream.

But with the undead its best to leave questions unanswered. Specially when it involves Richard. He's an enigma wrapped in mystery. Now with extra baby flavoring.


I...I hate frogs. Hate them. And Richard, but thats besides the point.

Cale you have thirty minutes before I squish your frogs. Or set them on fire. Whichever comes first.

((Angry Benny is angry~ Lets just say Richard thought it'd be a wonderful idea to flood her room with frogs, in various stages of living and decay. Some of them are Cale's frog babies.))